CDL Retarders

Truck Skid Marks
A. Cause extra brake wear.
B. Allow you to disconnect the steering axle brakes.
C. Can cause the drive wheels to skid when they have poor traction.
D. Work only with vehicles that have manual transmissions.

Answer: Can cause the drive wheels to skid when they have poor traction.

Some vehicles have “retarders.” These devices help slow the vehicle down by reducing brake wear and giving you another way to slow down. Overall it reduces the need to use brakes. Exhaust, engine, hydraulic, and electric are the four types of retarders and all types can be turned on and off by the driver. When turned on retarders apply their breaking power whenever you let up on the accelerator pedal all the way. While these devices provide breaking help they can be very noisy so be sure and verify where their use is permitted. One of the most important things to remember about retarders is that when your drive wheels have poor traction, the retarder may cause them to skid. As a result you should always turn your retarder off when the roads are wet, icy or snow covered.

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