Question about Securement of Cargo

On flatbed trailers or trailers without sides, cargo must be secured to:

  1. Keep the wind from blowing items off the trailer
  2. Keep it from shifting or falling off
  3. Protect from thieves


B.  Keep it from shifting or falling off

Cargo needs to be tied down securely to make sure it does not shift or fall off.  Even in closed vans, tie-downs are important so that in case the cargo shifts, it won’t affect the vehicles handling.  It is required by Federal Regulation that the combined working load limit of any securement system to secure cargo of any kind from movement must be at least one-half times the weight of the cargo being secured.   Appropriate securement systems include ropes, straps, chains, and tensioning devices.  (Tensioning devices include clinching components, ratchets, and winches.)  Also, tiedowns are required to be attached to the trailer correctly through hooks, bolts, rails, or rings.  Cargo needs to have a tie-down for each 10 feet of cargo.

STATE OF UTAH, Department of Public Safety Driver License Division.  March 2009.  Section 3 – Transporting Cargo Safely, Page 3-2 – 3-3

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